Microgreens VS Sprouts

What are microgreens? How are they different than sprouts?

Microgreens are the first two true leaves on a plant, which means they are extremely nutritious. Microgreens are grown in soil flats under light and watered daily. The soil provides much needed nutrients for the plants. The nutrients from the soil can affect the flavor profile of the microgreen as well, have you ever had a spicy lettuce? There could have been to much compost in that soil mix causing the flavor to change in the plant. This is why having consistent soil mixture is a key component to delicious microgreen.

Sprouts are grown in a hydroponic system which consists of water and chemicals, meaning they usually have very little flavor. Three things need to happen in a hydroponic set up. First, the PH of the water must be consistent and controlled. In order to keep the PH at the right consistency chemicals needed to be added to keep everything in balance. Second, in order to prevent algae from growing bleach water needs to be run through the system. Finally, lab-produced chemical rich fertilizers are used to feed the plants.

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