Where to find us:

Pack River Farm Store - 3161 Selkirk Rd, Sandpoint ID

Pack River Store - Sandpoint, ID
Pilgrims Market - CDA, ID
Winter Ridge - Sandpoint, ID
Barrell 33 - Sandpoint, ID
The Bank - Sandpoint, ID
City Beach Organics - Sandpoint, ID
Blue Bird Bakery - Sandpoint, ID
Pearls on the Lake - Beyond Hope, ID

“Know your farmer better than your doctor”.

 Pack River Farm is a certified organic diversified vegetable and medicinal herb farm in northern Idaho. We distribute our produce and microgreens to local restaurants, grocery stores, and direct to consumers. Pack River Farm is also partnered with Black Bear Herbary, we grow and maintain a variety of medicinal herbs that allow us to further support our community. It is important to us that all food is grown with respect for our planet, we achieve this by focusing on our soil microbiome which in turn allows us to enrich, re-mineralize, and heal the earth we grow on so that future generations can be allowed to enjoy the beauty that is farming. By following all of these principles of the land, animals, and plants we are creating higher quality and healthier food for our friends, family, and community.

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